Sunday, July 28, 2013


Two Supreme Court decisions last of June seemed to be pulling the country in two directions.  But in fact they reflect a unified trend: the nation is lurching toward an even greater sense of individualism.  "Don't mess with me.  I won't bother you. Don't muffle me - even if it is my money that is doing the talking.  Don't tell me what kind of gun I can buy or whom I can marry.  And don't even think about sending me the bill for the improvements that we desperately need at the school down the street or to fix the bridge over the river that is going to fall in one day soon.  You live yours.  I will live mine.   I owe you nothing, not even a watchfulness to protect your right to vote.  If you have problems, it's not my problem.  Get a life.  If you don't like the laws in Alabama, move to New York."