Tuesday, December 20, 2016


2045. That is the big year.  29 years from now, but already impacting us, with the rise of disaffected white blue collar voters in the heartland, feeling the impending loss of the world soon to be extinct.  The administration they've elected is beholden to the interests of folks who are markedly nervous about 2045.  But this political swerve to the right will be met with a hard swerve to the left sooner than we might suspect.  It could be violent.  Sometimes we swerve hard, folks.  The shift in demographics will shape more than just the political conversation - 2045 will be the most important year in American history since 1776.

Sunday, December 11, 2016


As I wrote this, I was on the last leg of an 18-day around-the-world trip.  It started with a preaching invitation in Hawaii, continued with a visit to family in Taipei.  And then, I said, "Why not come home headed west?"